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Reversing One-Way Signs [Kristine]
11 August 2009 @ 09:08 pm

First, thank you an INSANE amount for caring enough to comment on my last post. :') LJ is one of the best things to happen to me (no, it's not pathetic at all) and you guys are the driving force behind everything. :) I love you all so, so much and every single word, no, every character that you guys typed for me means so much.

But... I've decided to close shop on this fandom journal and only post to my personal journal (latest post is over here) because of a lot of reasons. I won't elaborate too much because you guys probably know what I'm talking about... I hope to one day rediscover this journal with a new sense of fervor or whatever but until then, I'm content with the elaborate and exhausting plans that I've laid out for me. If you guys still want to see me write, I have a little project over at my personal journal and you would drive me crazygiddy with joy if you're there to support me. :) Either way, I just wanted to formally thank you guys for everything and that the worst, finally, is over.

I'll find a way to give back all the awesomeness that you guys have given me. Promise. ;)
Reversing One-Way Signs [Kristine]
23 March 2009 @ 07:16 pm
Well, I just updated to say that my hiatus is going to be extended. :( This will most likely span some months because of personal reasons. The computer I'm using for, well, everything has to be sold tomorrow so I won't be able to do a lot of things anymore.

This means I won't be able to complete my BBB, among others. Internet shops are few and far away from where I live so it would cost much more than what we got for selling the stupid computer, bah. :\

I think I'm going to be pretty content with just my guitar and notebooks but I'm going to miss all of you so much. :(
I hope that when things get better, (and they better get better, how's that for redundancy? haha!)  I'll still be in this fandom and all, because you guys are the best. The absolute best. :)

Thanks for the awesome ride, guys.
Here's to hoping that I get back.
*hugs everyone*

longer ramblings over at my personal journal 'cause this would be too long, haha!
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Reversing One-Way Signs [Kristine]
03 March 2009 @ 06:20 pm
I come bearing art.
Because you guys are the best.
And I love you all forever for bearing with my personal posts and drama. :)

Yes, it's Patrick in chains.
I have Vampire!Pete with a WTFSCAREDSHITLESS!Patrick too.
All in the meme after the cut. :)

Oh and for those interested, as if there are, I made a personal journal over at isthiskris so I won't spam the uninterested with my drama. *hears throngs of cheers and whooping* If you think my life might be of blah or you might need something to mock and scorn, I'm ready and willing. :D

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Reversing One-Way Signs [Kristine]
27 February 2009 @ 04:14 pm
After the cut:
Police!Patrick and Shower!Patrick. (The last is slightly NSFW)
I still don't have time to fix Photoshop so they're unedited, I'm so sorry. D:

Small version so as not to rape the awesome F-list:

Over Here. You know you want tooooo~Collapse )

kinky_fruit wrote me a Pete/Patrick ficlet that featured Somnophilia, a kink for sleeping people, over here
ribbonsonwrists did a smut-tastic job on FrenchMaid!Patrick over here

Thanks to everyone who wished that my cold would go away :D It's still there, yes, and getting worse but you guys made me feel better. :) I trudged through the recording of "Empty Apartment" and I'm just grateful that the guy who requested it was in too much of a hurry to listen.

Someone messaged me to request Northern Downpour and/or But It's Better If You Do, both by Panic at the Disco, of course. I love both terribly and I don't know why you'd want me to murder them. It's just horrible of you. And I'm not mentioning your name because you should be ashamed of yourself, haha. :D Just kidding, it's not your fault of course. I'm just VERY self-conscious and out of my league most of the time, as you guys might've noticed, haha. Sigh.  /end daily douse of stark realization.

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Reversing One-Way Signs [Kristine]
25 February 2009 @ 03:24 pm

  1. FrenchMaid!Patrick
  2. AlwaysAPerv!Pete
  3. It's by bugmanxxx

Click on the image in her original post HERE and you'll be taken to the full-size image.

Holy Shit indeed.

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Reversing One-Way Signs [Kristine]
25 February 2009 @ 02:18 pm
Title: Ferris Wheels
To: neontoitsknees
From: cieluna
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
POV: third person, Brendon.
Summary: Brendon Urie values first kisses as much as he does his infamous pout. This is the reason why he plots to have the ultimate first kiss after an accidental one that absolutely, positively, irrefutably did not count.
Disclaimer: Not mine. :)
Author Notes/ Warnings/ Rating: PG-13. It's pure fluff and syrupy sweetness so no warnings needed, I guess. I hope you like it! :D

Fic for thebigexchange February Challenge. :)

First kisses were one of those things that people prepared for. Brendon should know; all of his 31 first kisses were.Collapse )</div>

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Reversing One-Way Signs [Kristine]
20 February 2009 @ 04:38 pm
I've got about 5 chapters of my 1984-ish fic down. FINALLY. 10 more to go.
So we had no internet for three hours today, the time my parents allowed me to get on the computer.
Major fail, right?
Not really.
I made Fall Out Boy macros and found some Q&A that one of my avid Pete&Patrick friends sent me.
So now I'm uploading them with the ten minutes that's left of my time, just when the internet got fixed.
Now this is fail.


MACROS!Collapse )


Damn it. I need a new boy/girl/monkey. Whatever. Ugh.
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